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Fur Tutorial by jezebel Fur Tutorial by jezebel
I did this tutorial for the last DeviantMag issue, and its been up long enough that I decided to go ahead and upload it to my gallery as well. I recommend doing this one before working on my hair tutorial [link]

Anyway... I hope somebody is able to make some use of this.

:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)
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Sensei-Tenshi Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012
Are you supposed to use the same brush you say to make in step 1 for every other step?
RemyWolf Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Is there a link somewhere to the tutorial, or am I just missing how to view it? I'd love to see this, so any help is greatly appreciated :)
ingrissi27 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012
You have to go to "Download File" in the top right corner of the screen, under "Add to Favourites". I hope that helped! :)
LadyPirran Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011
Thankyou for this, it's a wonderful help for practise :D I had been using a single line brush earlier, and this has really brought out definition in my artwork (though nothing as gorgeous as yours).

If anyone needs any help with the brush presets, just message me. It took me a while to figure it out, haha.
MasterAlopex Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2011
Very helpful, thank you.
Dagionax Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2011  Student Digital Artist
having some problems, I cant make the brush draw lines. It keeps making dots instead. When i set the spacing to 1, I still get the same results except that the dots become really faded.
XxKinoWolfxX Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2009
where is te tutorial?
eqlipse Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I noticed the file name was "froofy."

Would this possibly be a take on Bill Cosby's "Froofy the dog?"
snazypants07 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008
daaaaaamn. im sure it would have been great but when i download it its saves it in Wip or something and yeah its all like "nooooooo you cannot use it!"
butchen Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2007
thank you
orethaen Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2006
errr... never mind, i apologize for that >__> it's a great great work!
orethaen Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2006
same here... i cant access the tutorial... whn i click the thumbnail it just grows larger in the full view version, and when i click the link to go to your site it just doesnt work

please help me ... T_T
HiveQueen Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2006
does photoshop 5.0 have a custom brush option? I have yet to find it.
F943 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2005   Photographer
Great this is perfect, been looking for something like this for ages.
JMOA Featured By Owner May 29, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:clap: Very cool!!
DataCreep Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2005
ok I'm done trying to figure it out on my own..... is there a "HIDDEN" link to view the tutorial or something cuz all I'm seeing is the picture......... no steps, no descriptions, no NOTHING!!!! and I could really put those to use. thanx ;)
jezebel Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2005
hehehe, just go to this page... I don't know whats up with the steps on DA :)

DataCreep Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2005
Nevermind I'm a absolute moron and alittle drunk but I figured it out sorry for the waste of good comment space. :)
Doubtful-Della Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2005  Professional Photographer
I used this tutorial for hair. It didn't turn out looking anything like real hair. Oh well. At least I tried Pool Water
miraikazuya Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2004
Pure simple genius. This is EXACTLY what I am looking for right now!
JineteAzul Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2004
thanks thanks thanks :worship:
ghastly-gools Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2004
eager to learn how to make fur, but seems like i have to learn to make brushes first. eh..
fabianfucci Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2004  Professional Filmographer
Jezebel, ur tutorials are *exactly* what i was looking 4! Thank you very much, in clear and simple language. :-D
MiSSTiquE Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2003
I would love to make use of your tutorial but I just can't open the link.
H4x3r Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2004  Student
[link] this is another her tutorial..
MiSSTiquE Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2004
Thanks, alot for the tut's their great.
serenitykishona Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2003
rimshot Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2003
excellent tutorial
adding this to my devPack "Indispensable Tutorials"
yact Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2003
looks awesom3 man !!
hemmokki Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2002
+fav, definately.
it's just so... so... furry!
wildsoul Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2002
Well... it's wonderful! ^_^ I just don't get it how to make the brush... with a mouse I guess it's more complicated to draw and set the pressure to it...

Wanna try more and see if I can do those dot's for the brush :p (Lick) Hair is another problem ;_;

symbiotsyndacit Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2002
blue Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2002
You have some the greatest tutorials here... I really need more time to sit dow and work in them. Now i probably could follow them to get the desired end but then i really can't follow a straight line either...
bloodpixel Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2002
the appearance is excellent! I go catch it now =]
wingedwolf Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2002
thank you so much! i could really use this.
silverx10 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2002
Oh damn, this is an excellent tutorial! I plan to put it to some hella-good use when I get back home to my Wacom tablet. Keep up the great work!
patrx Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2002
Love all these helpful hints...keep up the good work! {B-{>
vadox6466 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2002
too hard for me..i just started photoshop 2 days ago!
enhypnion Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2002
awesome =) (Smile)

one reason alone I have not done fur yet: i cant without it making it look like they are suffering from some terminal illness hehe. Hopefully this will help
phillyplaya Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2002
I could find some use for this, thx a lot :) (Smile)
xploit Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2002
kewl nice work. looks like that dog needs a bath though =) (Smile) hehehe
princesnoopy Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
hehe im sure it's relatively close to the hair tutorial :D (Big Grin)

this HAS to come in handy for someone!
yawn2oo Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2002
o BEAUTIFUL.. uNF.. +favs for future reference
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